April Is Genocide Remembrance, Condemnation, and Prevention Month

April 5, 2016

Through a motion passed unanimously in 2013, the Toronto District School Board declared April as Genocide Awareness Month. On April 24, 2015, the Canadian Parliament also unanimously passed Motion M-587, declaring April of each year as Genocide Remembrance, Condemnation and Prevention Month and April 24 of each year as Armenian Genocide Memorial Day. 

On the occasion of the passing on Motion M-587 last year, the Corning Centre announced, “A powerful and united message echoed from the Canadian Parliament on April 24. This was a collective message of solidarity with all victims of genocide internationally and all those who are dedicated to end denial and prevent genocide in all countries. Motion M-587 not only sets out to remember the past but also ensures that the rights of all those who are working to defend human rights are also upheld. This rings true for Turkish civil society and institutions that are working tirelessly for Turkish recognition of the Armenian Genocide and compensation for victims.” 

We invite all teachers to find the time to discuss the topic of genocide and the lessons we must draw from such events.

As we approach the 101st  Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, we encourage teachers to access the resources we have on our Online Lesson Portal and in our Reference section. We highly reccomend teachers to also use the 100 Voices collection of student voices and the Call from Armenia Canadian press materials

Teachers can also use the Globe and Mail opinion piece titled “Why we commit to commemorate” written by our founder and chair, Raffi Sarkissian, published last year. 

We would like to remind teachers that you can book a free class visit with us. We would be glad to visit your students and prepare a presentation or workshop catered to your needs.