Corning Centre Announces Classroom Presentations on Artsakh

December 10, 2020

Yesterday and today, we collectively commemorate and observe the UN’s International Day of Commemoration and Dignity of the Victims of the Crime of Genocide and of the Prevention of This Crime (December 9) and UN Human Rights Day (December 10). On this occasion, the Sara Corning Centre for Genocide Education would like to announce an addition to its in-class presentations: a focus on the Republic of Artsakh. The topics we will be covering include the following.

  1. The systemic roots of Azerbaijan’s and Turkey’s war crimes and ethnic cleansing against Armenians
    • The legacy of the Armenian Genocide and Pan-Turkism
    • The century of massacres and ethnic cleansing against Armenians in what is today Azerbaijan
    • Contemporary Azerbaijani and Turkish state policies, rhetoric, and actions contributing to crimes against humanity
  2. Azerbaijan’s and Turkey’s state-sponsored destruction of Armenian culture and heritage
    • Survey of Armenian cultural presence in Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Artsakh
    • Turkey’s and Azerbaijan’s appropriation and destruction of Armenian cultural sites
    • The failure of the international community, including UNESCO, in protecting cultural sites
  3. The Republic of Artsakh and the international community
    • Survey of the history of the Republic of Artsakh
    • The right to self-determination and modern international law
    • The role of the OSCE Minsk Group, the UN, global powers, and mediators
  4. Canada’s past, present, and future roles as they pertain to Artsakh and Armenia
    • Survey of Canada’s relationship with Armenia and Armenians
    • Responses by Canadian officials, governments, and organizations
    • Ethical and legal aspects of Canadian weapons manufacturing and sales
    • How Canada and Canadians can help stop, resolve, and prevent conflict in the South Caucasus

Due to COVID-19 regulations, we are offering our in-class presentations online, to schools all across Canada. Starting January 2021, teachers can choose one or a combination of the topics above, and our team of educators will prepare a presentation accordingly. To book a visit, click here.