Images from Armenian Boys’ Home Now Online

June 28, 2015

The Corning Centre is pleased to announce that, thanks to the kindness of the United Church of Canada, the public can now access photographs of the Georgetown Girls, the Georgetown Boys, and their farm home online and free of charge.

Daniel Ohanian, Director of Research, explained on this occasion, “The Centre had inquired about ordering these 128 photographs—normally a paid service—some months ago. But given the increased attention the Georgetown story has been receiving over the past few years and given the large price-tag such an order would normally come with, in an act of kindness, the UCC Archives recently informed us that it has decided to absorb the cost of digitization and to place the fruits of its labours online for all to access. We owe them great thanks for this and also for being such great hosts of much archival material related to this important history.”

The historical images can be viewed at this page, which is part of the UCC Archives’ Digital Collections.

The Corning Centre has been interested in the story of the orphaned survivors of the Armenian Genocide who were brought up at Georgetown, Ontario, since its inception. It is a tale of the admirable efforts of Canadians to resist prejudice, demonstrate compassion, and give hope to a people marked for extinction. For more on this history and related lessons and resources, check out our Online Lesson Portal, our resources page, and our 100 Voices project.