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Armin T. Wegner: A Social-Justice Activist on Behalf of Armenians and Jews

This lesson focuses on the concepts of social justice, upstanders, and advocacy. It begins with a contemporary discussion, dips into one man’s historical activism, and ends with students writing advocacy letters about issues that interest them. The historical dimension takes the German soldier and medic Armin T. Wegner (1886–1978) as a case study of advocacy. He was a witness to the persecution of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire and of Jews in Nazi Germany. Wegner voiced his concerns in letters to a US president and to Adolf Hitler. During and after his lifetime, he has been celebrated as a heroic and selfless activist.

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Historical Thinking Concepts: The Georgetown Armenian Boys

Readings by Asya Darbinyan, Aram Adjemian, and Isabel Kaprielian-Churchill

Published by the Sara Corning Centre for Genocide Education

Historical Thinking Concepts: The Georgetown Armenian Boys provides teachers with three concise readings about international and Canadian aid for the victims to the Armenian Genocide and about the Georgetown Armenian Boys. These readings are followed by several primary and secondary sources which provide students with insight into what Canadians were reading at the time and into the lives of the Georgetown Boys through sample articles from their monthly newsletter “Ararat Monthly”. 

The Corning Centre has also developed a teacher’s resource that complements this booklet which you can download here.